Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Top Ten Spa In Las Vegas

Earlier this year, The Stirling Club was distinguished as one of the top ten spas in Las Vegas. The review was featured in Orbtiz, a leading online travel company offering leisure and business travelers.

"Impressively spacious and well maintained, The Stirling Club has the intimacy and service level of a private club … since it is one." — E.C. Gladstone for Orbitz

While Orbitz highlighted the dramatically lit sauna and steam rooms, spacious whirlpool bath, waterfall showers, and enclosed fitness lap pool, members frequently marvel at the 14 treatment rooms where they receive therapeutic massages, rejuvenating facials, and detoxifying body wraps.

Other spas rounding out the top of the list: Encore; Caesars Palace; Bellagio; Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian; Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa; and Green Valley Ranch. But what made the Stirling Club stand out was the rarity of quietly opening private club facilities to non-members.

October Spa Special — Pumpkin Pie Special

In October, The Stirling Club is offering a seasonal special for members that also serves as an excellent spa introduction for visiting guests. The Pumpkin Pie special takes advantage of the pumpkin, which is known to have remarkable therapeutic properties, including natural UV protectors, powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, and exfoliant properties that are especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin.

• 25-minute gentle Mediterranean body exfoliation, which increases circulation, adds nutrients, and regenerates the skin. This special employs a special pumpkin pie brown sugar blend, laced with ginger.
• 25-minute body nourishing pumpkin pie body wrap, which tightens, tones, and stimulates your metabolism to help fitness.
• 50-minute Swedish massage, with superficial and deep effleurage using Whipped Shea Pumpkin Body Butter.
• 50-minute facial, which adds a Pumpkin Enzyme mask, rich in antioxidants, to the luxuriously classic Stirling Creation Facial.

The special will be available through Nov. 30. Please allow 2 1/2 hours to complete the package. For details, please call 702.784.4616.
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