Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Desert Rejuvenation Makes The Perfect Spring Break

While spa treatments aren't in the news as much these days, they can still be critical for people attempting to balance their lives. Two studies conducted within the last five years all but confirm it.

One linked spa treatments to better physical and mental health, better quality sleep, and fewer sick days. Another found spa therapy reduced absenteeism from work and hospitalizations. And while some benefits are debated, most studies confirm that spa treatments help reduce stress much like longer vacations without the added cost.

A Desert Rejuvenation Spa Treatment In Las Vegas

Through April 30, The Stirling Club Spa provides the perfect 80-minute getaway that will feel like three weeks. The springtime treatment begins with a 30-minute Mountain Glow salt scrub with lavender and tangerine. The combination exfoliates, softens, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin, protecting it from the arid desert climate.

More than that, the combination of lavender and tangerine is special on its own as an aromatherapy aid with healing powders. Lavender oils are known to soothe headaches, heal irritations, and relax the body. Tangerine oil also has aroma properties.

The initial scrub is followed by a 50-minute lavender aromatherapy massage, using oils that are 100 percent botanical formulations with no artificial fragrances. All products are environmentally safe, made with the purest grades and highest quality standards.

For Stirling Club members, this special springtime rejuvenating treatment is $100, with most package treatments completed within two hours. In between sessions, patrons are invited to relax in a European-style facility with light snacks and teas. Non-members are invited to check for availability with the spa front desk at 702-784-4616.
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