Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Most Entertainment On The Smallest Stage

While some wonder what to do after seeing some of the biggest names in Las Vegas entertainment, Stirling Club members know many post-concert shows and stopovers begin and end at The Stirling Club. For several years, The Stirling Club has become the place for entertainment greats to enjoy live entertainment four nights a week.

On occasion, big names and bright stars don't settle for just making an appearance inside the piano lounge. Many of them take to the stage for a song or an unscheduled set, much like they would at an impromptu jam session at each other's homes. What's the allure? The Stirling Club is already home to several headliners who set the stage for summer nights where anything is possible.

Scheduled Entertainment For June At The Stirling Club.

Wednesdays — Carmine Mandia
As a featured performer in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and New York, Carmine Mandia has wowed audiences as Frank Sinatra in "The Rat Pack Is Back" and "Frank & Barbra - The Show That Never Was." According to BWW News Desk, Mandia will also be opening for Don Rickles at the Orleans as part of his "Shades of Sinatra" act that never tries to impersonate but always includes signature Sinatra favorites with the most beloved sounds from his era.

Thursdays — Stephanie Calvert
Most people know Stephanie Calvert joined Starship after playing for the popular Las Vegas band Love Shack. But what many don't know is that when Calvert isn't busy touring with the legendary Mickey Thomas, she makes her home at The Stirling Club. You can catch a vault video with Calvert and Starship performing White Rabbit.

Fridays — Ronnie Rose
Ronnie Rose, the smooth-voiced blues and pop singer who fell in love with Las Vegas a few years ago, attracts audience members like Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy. He shares the stage with legends too. In 2002, Rose opened for for Earth, Wind and Fire.

Saturday — Kelly Clinton and friends
Las Vegas entertainer Kelly Clinton, who also serves as director of entertainment, headlines every Saturday night. On most nights, it's anybody's guess who might share the stage with her. However, even when Clinton is on her own, it's impossible to forget her performances. Here's one clip from a show two years ago.

In recent weeks, The Stirling Club has also hosted Konrad Brook, Elisa Fiorillo, and special guest Joey Gian. Members can expect more surprise visits during the summer months.

For visitors and area residents hoping for an invitation inside the most exclusive destination in Las Vegas, contact Kathleen Gustafson, executive director of membership, at 702-784-4603 or by e-mail via The Stirling Club Web site. Prospective members are sometimes extended a visitor pass to attend special events and/or try select services within the club.
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