Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moët & Chandon For A Stirling Evening

Champagne has launched thousands of ships, toasted billions of weddings, created countless special occasions, and shared untold special moments between two people. But no other Champagne, perhaps, has become as synonymous with all of these events as Moët et Chandon (Moët & Chandon).

For more than 250 years, the legacy of The House of Moët, founded by Claude Moët and transformed into a symbol of splendor by Jean-Remy Moët, has eclipsed all others. Even recently, Moët & Chandon has been uncorked at countless sporting events; been the toast of the Academy Awards; and sponsored "Josephine's Cellar - Wines During The Napoleonic Empire" as it toured Europe, which commemorated the relationship between Jean-Remy Moët, Emperor Napoleon I, and Josephine de Beauharnais.

Without question, Moët & Chandon is the world's most renown luxury Champagne and still holds a Royal Warrant to supply Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II in England. And for one special evening, Moët & Chandon will supply Champagne for you and your guests too.

The Stirling Club Invites You For A Date With Drinks, Dinner, And Entertainment.

Beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 17, hosts Kathleen Gustafson and Jimmy Foster have made for the following special arrangements with Moët & Chandon. We are certain it will make your evening at The Stirling Club unforgettable.

• All dinner reservations of four or more come with a complimentary bottle of Moët.
• All Moët requested in the Cigar Lounge and Piano Bar will be priced at $45 per bottle.
• All Moët by the glass will be set at the unbelievably special price of $8 per glass.

Beyond the specially priced Moët & Chandon, the evening belongs to you. Make reservations to enjoy dinner by Chef Charlie Palmer in The Stirling Club. And then, enjoy a cocktail and cigar in the Cigar Lounge or make plans to be entertained by Kelly Clinton and Friends. Recent guests have included Julian Dietrich, Mark Verabian, and Lena Prima.

To attend this very special event with Moët & Chandon, place reservations with The Stirling Club concierge at 702-732-9700. Attire for this evening will be formal cocktail. Guests are welcome to attend as couples or on their own, but please remember that a complimentary bottle of Moët is only available for dinner parties of four or more.
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