Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Secrets Inside Las Vegas Are Too Good To Keep

While the general rule for Las Vegas entertainment tends to be bigger is better, there are a few secret places where those rules don't apply. One of them is The Piano Lounge inside The Stirling Club.

On any given night when the guest list might include Kim Kardashian or Robert Duvall, entertainment requires a level of intimacy that most stages cannot accommodate.

“The intimacy and elegance of The Piano Lounge encourages the audience to interact," says Kelly Clinton, who headlines every Saturday at the exclusive Las Vegas Stirling Club at Turnberry Towers. “As a performer, you feel as if you are entertaining friends in the comfort of your own living room, with plenty of room to dance and always a lot of laughter.”

Clinton ought to know. While she insists her living room bears no resemblance to the lounge, she knows how to host a personal and unforgettable event. In fact, in addition to being an entertainer for entertainers, Clinton is responsible for some of the best known but little told impromptu jam sessions ever held in Las Vegas. Just a few recent surprise guests from the audience have included Bill Medley, Jack Jones, and Gordie Brown.

It all depends, she says, on who happens to be in the audience. And for Clinton, anybody and everybody might be in the audience. In fact, her consistent ability to draw entertainers to her show every Saturday night led to another opportunity. In between her work as a singer, actress, comedian, and impressionist, Clinton has become the club's entertainment director.

“As entertainment director, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to bring in talented and experienced musicians to this unique setting,” said Clinton. "Currently, we have one of my favorite singers, Elisa Fiorillo. She travels all over the world on tour with Prince. But when she is in town, she is a regular on 'Saturday Night Live.'”

According to Clinton, hosting friends is half the fun. Club members agree. In addition to Clinton's talents —she has also worked as a background singer for Engelbert Humperdinck, shared the stage with notable stars like Wayne Newton, and headlined at several resorts in Las Vegas — she has also earned a stellar reputation for bringing the best to a smaller stage. Just recently, in fact, she secured Early Clover from the Coasters to cover New Year's Eve.

The difference is in the venue. While Vegas is well known for hosting headliners at expansive venues like The Colosseum or The Pearl, there is something to be said for a setting that places entertainers within a few feet of every guest, and celebrities (sometimes) at the same table. Rather than just seeing legendary entertainers, guests share the experience with them.
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