Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Stirling Club Adds A Zumba Exclusive

Beto Perez, former choreographer for Shakira and other high profile celebrities, may have never seen it coming, but Maria DiMarco, director of spa and fitness at The Stirling Club, did. Zumba was destined to become a fitness craze in North America with its infusion of Samba, Salsa, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Cumbia into a high energy workout.

“I was immediately inspired to add Zumba because it is a fun cardio workout that anyone can do,” said DiMarco. “Because I have an extensive background in both dance and fitness, I was driven by my passion to add this class as a permanent addition."

In fact, DiMarco was so taken by Zumba, she pursued her certification directly from Perez, who also serves as director of the national Zumba Master Trainer Team. She started studying Zumba more than a year ago and the distinction is what Stirling Club members have come to expect.

Unlike many gyms offering Zumba, DiMarco utilizes Beto Perez’s core philosophy. He believes in instructing participants through non-verbal clues, making the class more like ‘follow the leader'. DiMarco says this helps participants avoid the frustration of trying to verbally and visually comprehend the dance moves while performing them simultaneously.

“I have also adapted my class to fit the preference of Stirling Club members, creating new dances and allowing them to select their favorites,” said DiMarco. "This allows for each class to feel different, unique, and always fun!”

The class, which DiMarco says required long hours of additional instruction beyond the certification program, took several months to perfect. And even then, she says it is continuing to evolve. Every few weeks, DiMarco choreographs new dances for individuals who attend on a regular basis.

The infusion of new routines benefits visiting members as well. Every time they visit Las Vegas, they are likely to discover a new dance as part of this exclusive class that averages no more than ten members per session.

As one member described, The Stirling Club provides near personal instruction for a class that is often standing room only at other gyms. They also know that as a certified instructor, DiMarco must continually stay current through the variety of courses offered by the Zumba Academy.

The Stirling Club initially offered Zumba classes to gage member interest. After an overwhelming response, the class has been added to the fitness program schedule at 9 a.m. every Wednesday. It is exclusive to members, but guests may contact Kathleen Gustafson, executive director of membership, for a pre-membership trial and tour.
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Anonymous said...

Didn't know Stirling Club had zumba. Can I attend classes even if I'm not a member?

The Courtier said...

You may be able to request a club pass to try the class and consider members. For more information, contact Kathleen Gustafson, executive membership director at 703.784.4603

Thank you for asking!

The Courtier team

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