Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Find Fall Fashion Tips While Visiting Las Vegas

If you caught the upcoming fall fashion trends in New York, you're probably excited or not. There are some new looks to consider — conservative glamour, chic urban warriors, eccentric color combinations — and not all of them mesh well. Spring seemed much easier.

But whatever the reason for the latest eclectic looks, Stirling Club members can find a little help right around the corner in Las Vegas. This Thursday, a former actress, television executive, and founder of My Fashion Architect will provide some complimentary tips and techniques to turn wardrobe shopping into self-confidence.

Fabulous Fall Trends with My Fashion Architect.

Starting at 6 p.m on Aug. 12 in the north lounge of The Stirling Club, this special presentation begins with a recap of the more memorable fashions to hit the runway for fall 2010. Immediately following the fashion line, the real work begins as Joni Hoffman provides some candid advice for women hoping to define their style, shop with clarity, and multitask their wardrobes.

"Since fashion is constantly changing, it is difficult for most of us to keep up," offers Hoffman on her site. "Every woman wants to feel confident and beautiful regardless of age, body type or lifestyle. I believe that every woman can achieve her own personal style."

Her thoughts on dressing right have very little to do with being trendy. She offers up much more pertinent advice, guiding women toward fashions that fit, look flattering, and raise self-esteem because the people around you are more likely to notice you as opposed to what you are wearing. As Hoffman put it, the clothes you wear work best when they reflect you.

This event is complimentary for Stirling Club members (reservations still apply by calling 702-732-9700). However, if you are interested in joining The Stirling Club, this event could be the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself. Contact Kathleen Gustafson at 702-784-4603 for a guest pass to the event and an exclusive tour, depending on your schedule.

Hoffman has already mapped out some of the best boutiques in Las Vegas. So, if you want to save a little time for more fun, she is certainly a fashion go-to person while you are here.
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