Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A World-Class Meeting Destination Inside Las Vegas

Stirling Club EntranceThe Stirling Club remains the most exclusive premier private retreat in Las Vegas, but the club is frequently used for many other purposes. It is well known for providing the perfect location for corporate meetings, business luncheons, and event seminars.

"We currently have an exceptional opportunity to provide members with a 10 percent credit from any catered event in September," says Kathleen Gustafson, membership director. "The credit is applied to their membership account, while giving businesses and guests who enjoy entertaining the chance to try out any number of offerings— the Stirling Room, Verandah, or any one of our private rooms."

Occasionally, some businesses provide workshops and presentations that are complimentary to members and guests. For example, Merrill Lynch will be hosting a global market presentation at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 15 in the North Lounge.

The complimentary program is designed to introduce investors to the growth opportunities that exist outside the United States. Merrill Lynch has made a case for investors to consider global markets for the past several months.

“While advanced economies continue to slow, recent data suggests that emerging markets are gathering strong momentum,” Merrill Lynch Bank of America reported to Bloomberg. “With US interest rates stuck at zero and a growing likelihood of another round of quantitative easing, we see the potential for strong capital inflows into emerging markets boosting liquidity, currencies, and domestic asset prices.”

According to Gustafson, the program represents the diverse purposes businesses and social members find at the club. While most members take advantage of club amenities, fitness center, spa, and live entertainment, some have found the centrally-located club perfect for events and even gatherings associated with conventions.

"No matter where the event hosts are based, we have a team that handles all the details while they entertain your business or social circle at meetings, celebrations, and even weddings," said Gustafson. "Our first-class catering team includes renown chef and restauranteur Charlie Palmer, ensuring a memorable event."

For more information about the unique opportunities provided by the club or to make special arrangements to tour the property, contact Kathleen Gustafson at 702-784-4603. Attendees at such events do not have to be members, but it is not uncommon for event guests to inquire.
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Anonymous said...

Do you have to be a member to book space for an event?

The Courtier said...

Contact Kathleen Gustafson at 702-784-4603. She will be able to help you. Thanks for asking!

The Courtier Team

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