Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two New Lymphatic Massages In Las Vegas

Lymphatic Massage Las VegasMany people think that massaging facial skin might lead to wrinkles, but proper massage techniques will actually tighten the skin. It can also stimulate the underlying collagen, loosen and promote regeneration, and revitalize the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Massages In Las Vegas.

The Stirling Club Spa in Las Vegas is proud to announce the addition of two new lymphatic massages. One is designed specifically to revitalize your face and the other can improve your overall health with detoxification.

Of course, lymphatic massage isn't new. The massage was put into practice in the early 1930s after Dr. Emil Vodder noticed that lymph nodes become swollen when patients are suffering from a chronic cold. This was revolutionary work, even in the French Riviera, primarily because the medical profession didn't truly understand the lymph system, immune system, and detoxification.

Lymphatic Massage.

Generally, lymphatic detoxification massages are gentle and concentrate on key regions and lymph nodes in the body. The reason this so important is that the lymphatic system produces fluids that help detoxify the body. Once the toxins are absorbed, the fluid is filtered though the lymph nodes, which removes bacteria and even cancer cells.

When the lymph nodes are overburdened, they struggle to filter new toxins. They also struggle to give passage to immune cells as needed. Tonsillitis is a good example of what happens when the body attempts to filter too much toxins or overproduce infection-fighting white blood cells.

The massage works by increasing the flow of cellular fluids through the lymphatic ystem, boosting the immune response, decreasing pain, reducing the appearance of scar tissue, and helping the body remove fibrotic tissues. In one sense, the massage helps wake up the system.

After your lymph massage, it's important to drink plenty of water as things get moving again. Most people will feel remarkably relaxed. If you feel off kilter (due to too many toxins), water (avoid salt) and movement can hurry the process along. Remarkably, this massage has been credited with medical as well as holistic improvements, ranging from optimal health to allergy relief to post-surgical care and cellulite.

Members can request 25-minute, 50-minute, and 80-minute massages. Rates range from $90 to $250.

Lymphatic Facial.

Lymphatic Massage Las VegasSimilar to the lymphatic massage, the acupressure lymphatic facial massage can stimulate the underlying collagen, loosen and promote regeneration, and stimulate the lymphatic system. The effects increase blood flow and oxygen to your face, which tightens the face and leaves you more relaxed and youthful.

The technique blends the ancient Chinese art of applying pressure to specific points on the body with the techniques originally developed by Dr Vodder. Regular lymphatic facial massages have been shown to help stimulate the lymph system, resulting in improved blood circulation and firmer, youthful, more radiant skin.

It can also help relax facial and neck muscles, reduce puffiness, remove wrinkles, diminish dark circles, and create a healthy glow. The facials are offered with 50-minute and 80-minute sessions. They range from $135 to $200.

There are other fall specials available. Members may inquire by calling 702-784-4616. Non-members interested in visiting the spa are encouraged to call Kathleen Gustafson at 702-784-4603. The Stirling Club Spa is the only private spa listed among the top ten spas in Las Vegas.
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